Organic Baby Clothes, A Healthier Alternative?

You care so much about your little bundle of joy, don’t you?

So much so that you spend hours researching about baby care, looking over nutrition labels of your baby’s food and staying up day and night for your baby

…..it’s not wrong to assume that being a parent can easily be listed in the toughest jobs in the world list.

But hey! it’s all worth it because no matter what your opinion about babies is, it’s hard to disagree that babies may be the cutest things ever created.

If you do disagree, then my friend I think you probably are a psychopath.

Anyway, no time to beat around the bush!

I want you to ask yourself how much time do you take to think about your baby’s clothes?

Instead of looking cute for pictures, your baby’s clothes are also immensely important for their skin health.

The cotton grown for those cute clothes is treated with pesticides and other chemicals during the process of farming while manufacturing they are further treated with a lot of chemicals

Unfortunately, many of those are harmful to skin, especially sensitive skins are more susceptible to the harm caused by chemically processed clothes.

What are Organic clothes?

Organic clothes are simply clothes made out of materials that are not treated with chemicals during the manufacturing process or during the growth of the raw materials, they are purely natural.

These are more comfortable and have the same durability as normal clothes.

They suit people with sensitive skin or those who are prone to skin allergies like polyester allergy, and skin rashes.

Why choose organic clothes?

If you are genuinely concerned about your baby’s skin health, by now you may be looking for reasons to buy organic clothes

Well, for starters, it feels more comfortable on the skin since they are softer.

As this study points out that almost 60% of moms who buy organic clothes for their children are willing to do so due to the softness and comfort of the cloths

More importantly, since it has zero chemicals in it, it gives you peace of mind because now there are much fewer chances of your baby’s skin getting irritated or developing rashes

, because a study on effects on human health when exposed to inorganic chemicals of textile shows that the chemicals do sometimes pose a risk to health.

Examples of dangerous chemicals used in clothes

There are a large number of chemicals, used in clothes, that are potentially toxic to human health especially for babies, here is a list of a few of those chemicals

  • Perfluorinated chemicals:

These chemicals are used in clothes to make them resistant to stains, however, long-term exposure is linked to altering HGH (human growth hormones) levels in the body.

In fact, there is a study that shows that more exposure to Perfluorinated chemicals to infants makes their weight gain slower.

You would never want that for your little one.

  • Phthalates

This chemical is used to soften up things in the textile industry, it was restricted in Europe by 2015, due to its effects on health

Many studies show that childhood exposure to this chemical puts children in the risk of developing allergies and asthma.

  • Organotins

It is used to keep away bacteria and fungus from damaging the clothes, however; it causes irritation to skin and eyes.

  • Nonylphenol ethoxylates

Clothes are washed in these chemicals after being dyed, it not only affects your child

but also it’s usually released in nearby water bodies like rivers, which severely affect aquatic life.

Canadian ecological risk assessment found that the adverse impact on aquatic life is likely when these chemicals are released into the water from textile mills.

When exposed to rodents it was observed that the rodents showed developmental defects.

  • Metals like Cadmium, Mercury, Lead, etc

These metals are used in dyes of clothing, and oh boy……these are pretty dangerous! In the long run, they do irreversible damage to the nervous system.

A study observing the effects of mercury exposure revealed that, when exposed to mercury a child’s development early life is at risk.

Moreover, there are studies that also say that low level lead exposure to children makes the development of their nervous system slower.

  • Antimony

This is used during the production of polyester and is known to cause skin irritation.

In lab animals, long-term Antimony exposure showed symptoms like stomach pain, diarrhoea, vomiting, and stomach ulcers.

These were just a few of the examples out of numerous harmful chemicals used in the clothing.

Additional advantages to organic clothing:


  • Environmentally friendly: It’s a well-known fact that chemical fertilizers and pesticides are harmful to the environment in many ways, for organic clothes these chemicals are eliminated during the growth of the raw materials,

That’s why you are doing a huge favour to the environment when buying organic clothing.

  • More Durable: Clothes made with organic materials are of better durability and can withstand more washes than conventional clothing, therefore they last longer.
  • Better quality: Since the organic raw material for clothing is usually cultivated with better care, on top of that it’s more durable and soft, it can be said that these types of clothes are of better quality than the usual ones.
  • Better investment in the long run: Speaking of money, when it comes to your baby’s health, you should be as generous as you can, however buying some good quality clothes will be much better for them than stalking up cheap clothes.

Imagine, you visit the store and buy a whole bunch of clothes for your little one

Before you know it, your baby has outgrown all of them

Because the fact is that your little baby is not going to stay that little for long

Babies grow fast

really, REALLY fast

Organic clothes for babies

As organic clothes get more popular, people are more and more inclined to buy them, especially for their babies.

You can buy all different sorts of organic clothes for your baby, just like conventional clothing they come in a variety of colours, shapes, and sizes.

Where to buy these clothes, you ask? More on that later.

But now let’s also see why people choose to not buy organic clothing.

The answer is, as many of you may have guessed…….the extra price, that is one of the drawbacks of these clothes.

A survey conducted in 2019 in Belgium showed that the majority of people were not willing to pay the extra price that comes with organic clothes.

Willingness to pay extra for organic clothing and textiles in Belgium 2019

People not willing to pay extra money

People willing to pay more than

People willing to pay only 1-10% extra

Do babies benefit from organic clothes?

If you are a believer in keeping babies away from chemicals, then indeed this option is for you.

A baby’s skin is obviously not as thick and resilient as your skin is, so it’s easy to understand why their skins are more sensitive.

It only makes sense why you would want to minimize their contact with chemicals, including those present in clothes.

Hence, it’s not uncommon for parents to provide their babies with organic clothing

Plus they, being more absorbent than conventional clothing, give them a leg up in comparison to conventional clothes.

Anyone who has had babies can tell you how important it is for fabrics that come into contact with a baby, to be absorbent!

That fact coupled with the environmental benefits, and comfort makes people inclined to buy organic clothing.

Furthermore, a study revealed that chemicals like Flame retardant sometimes even affect the IQ of the baby!

Plus, as we have seen already, organic clothes are unlikely to cause skin irritation, in a way we can conclude that babies do benefit from them.

Where to buy organic clothes for your baby?

There are loads of different brands out there to choose from! Organic clothes come in a HUGE variety, just like conventional clothes.

If you are confused, however, and want to get a place to start, then we have piled up a list of 10 best brands of organic baby clothes you can shop from.

1. Burt’s Bees

This company offers baby clothes made out of 100% organic cotton, they sell a variety of clothes and their collection also includes bibs and other cute stuff!

2. Baby Soy

This company makes its clothes from Soybean protein fiber, bamboo rayon, and organic cotton…..so you see….they love to make clothes from natural materials only, even their zips and buttons are made in such a way that they are free of any harmful chemicals.

3. Finn+Emma

This company not only sells organic clothing but also uses non-toxic dyes in their products

4. Hanna Andersson

This brand of clothes offers a very stylish clothing collection for babies that style is coupled with extremely soft and comfortable fabric, so your baby gets the best of both worlds here!

5. L’ovedbaby

This company ensures that their raw materials for clothing are farmed with great care and organically, on top of that they also strongly believe in the fair treatment of their workers, that’s why this company makes one of the most durable clothes out there.

6. Oeuf

Taking your baby to a family meeting or a party, then this brand offers perfect clothing for that, they sell cute costumes for your baby, which will help your baby look cuter and stylish.

7. Baby Hero

This company really is a hero. Not only do they sell super soft clothing for babies, but your purchase also helps them donate funds for manufacturing life-saving medical equipment for babies that need it.

8. Estella

They not only sell eco-friendly clothing that helps protect the environment but they also make eco-friendly toys for your baby, they really do play their part in protecting the environment. You can also support them by buying from them.

9. Monica+Andy

Their clothing items are super-soft because they use organic cotton, in fact, they are certified by GOTS for their organic cotton.

10. Winter Water Factory

They are also one of those companies that combine style with comfort. Here you can get clothes for your babies that have adorable and interesting design prints, perfect for dressing your baby during special occasions. They also make crib sheets for your baby’s crib.

Closing Thoughts

Parenting is not only the toughest but also the most rewarding one. You take extra care for your baby, and we know that you can surpass any limits when it comes to your child’s well-being because you want nothing but the best for them.

Regardless of what clothes you choose for your baby, the most important thing is that they remain active, healthy, and keep growing!

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