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Top Sustainable And Affordable Brands That You Should Know.

What is sustainable clothing?

You might be wondering what qualifies a clothing brand to make this list, and what do we mean when we talk about sustainability? To put it simply, to produce a sustainable product a corporation must balance ethical work (social justice, equality, and equity), the economy (create profit), and the environment (energy efficiency, reduce carbon footprint).

By doing that in the lead up to the end result, their product, they have created what we consider to be a sustainable piece of clothing. Every brand on this list is capable, and commits to, the creation of sustainable clothing at an affordable price.

Cosmos Studio – cosmosstudio-store.com

Cosmo’s Studio uses its unique and innovative color diffusion technique that translates into saving 98% of water, 70% of chemicals, and 50% of the energy used to make a piece of clothing the traditional way.


Kotn uses authentic Egyptian cotton – a more delicate, more breathable cotton than any other, to create stylish and comfortable clothing for any occasion. Millions of farmers, weavers, and craftsmen that previously worked under big corporations to produce Egyptian cotton have since been unemployed, until now. Kotn is rebuilding the once-flourishing industry by buying from farmers directly in Egypt for fair prices.


Founded on the idea that women are a top priority, Tradlands is a high-quality women’s brand that values the welfare of their employees and being environmentally conscious – all of their clothes are created using sustainable materials as well as minimizing the waste produced at every corner.


Klow is a brand well-known for its commitment to transparency. They care about the ethical production of goods as well as the sustainability of the earth. On top of that, they carry a variety of apparel for both genders, while also shopping based on the causes you care most about, from ecological, recycled, upcycled, vegan, organic, the list goes on.

Made Tradehttps://www.madetrade.com/

This Brand is essentially providing all the artisanal looks and products you’d expect from someone like Anthropologie – but without all the synthetic, cheaper and ecologically harmful fabrics and practices employed. They feature a wide variety of clothing, from dresses to shoes, but on top of that, they also make home goods and gifts too!


Nau is a unique brand that creates clothing that is not only high tech but also sustainable. They use all-natural and/or recycled materials for all their clothing lines and will happily provide the certifications behind it to back them up. They also raise money for grassroots environmental organizations by giving a portion of each purchase away.


Not only are Mayamiko environmentally aware, but they are also ethically driven. Everything they create is made in Malawi by their team of pattern cutters, tailors, and seamstresses in a solar-powered facility, using locally sourced and sustainable materials like organic cotton. At the end of the day, they strive for zero waste production.

Taylor Stitchhttps://www.taylorstitch.com/

Taylor Stitch focusses on using materials that are upcycled and recycled (but still durable), including yarns, organic cotton, natural hemp, ethically sourced leather, as well as synthetic down made from the recycling of plastic bottles. The methods they use to produce their clothing work to lower their carbon footprint, lower their water usage, and limit exposure to chemicals. On top of that, you can save big by pre-ordering up-and-coming designs.


G-Star pioneered the recycling of plastic waste that had been thrown into the ocean into new clothing – called the Raw for the Oceans collection. They are a company focussed wholly on transparent manufacturing and making use of recycled plastic to not only save the ocean from our bad habits but creating affordable clothing we can use daily.


Most of Symbology’s line up of clothing is created from sustainable viscose, Modal as well as cotton. Their claim to fame is partnering with marginalized artisans in developing countries to create unique hand-crafted pieces of clothing using traditional techniques like block printing, tie-dying, and embroidery.

Kings of Indigohttps://www.kingsofindigo.com/

KoI is dedicated to the creation of high-quality denim in the most eco-friendly way possible, by using recycled and naturally dyed denim along with other sustainable materials in each product. They are a company deeply committed to transparency and are also certified by a variety of other sustainability certifications, bolstering their proof of commitment.

Threads For Thoughthttps://www.threads4thought.com/

T4T is a lifestyle brand dedicated to the responsible production of a whole host of clothing. They also support sustainable initiatives in any way they can, including making sure all their clothes are made with the utmost care to their employees as well as the environment.

Bluer Denimhttps://www.bluerdenim.com/

These jeans are All-American. Literally. Bluer Denim aims to produce high-quality, tailored denim jeans for an affordable price, made entirely in America using Georgia-grown cotton and buttons and zippers forged in Kentucky to reduce their footprint as much as possible.


Amour Verthttps://amourvert.com/

You couldn’t tell by just looking at them, but Amour Vert’s fashion-forward apparel is created sustainably while also making a statement – you can create gorgeous clothing without terrible, harmful designer practices or designer prices.


Despite some of their pieces being a bit pricey, overall Reformation has some great budget-conscious pieces. All their astounding pieces feature rapidly renewable fibers, plant-based of course, if not just outright recycled fibers. They adhere to their own personal sustainability criteria diligently.

People Treehttps://www.peopletree.co.uk/

PT is a pioneer in sustainable, Fair-Trade fashion, starting all the way in 1991. Their core mission has always been to make high-quality products with strong ethical and environmental standards. They aim to protect the environment by using natural resources suitably and promote responsibility initiatives while also helping its employees and partners gain economic independence and control over their environment.


One of the more unique takes on recycling, Modernation takes dead stock and vintage clothing and then turns it into super affordable, one-of-a-kind pieces. There is a variety of clothes to pick from, and they are all completely recycled.

ABLE – livefashionable.com

This brand is focusing on the end of generational poverty through the empowerment of women – providing economic opportunities for them. Their wages are completely transparent, published on their website, and they focus on the protection of their female employers and the empowerment of their consumers.


Siizu focuses on only 100% passing grade natural fabric – their materials are eco-friendly, being all-natural and 100% sustainably grown, with 0% polyester or toxins. They are a smaller brand that creates high-quality, classic clothing and sells it directly to consumers, without markup.

Nobody’s Childhttps://www.nobodyschild.com/

NC owns its own factories in the UK, across Europe, Asia, and their knitting plants, dye houses, print facilities, and distribution centers are all based in the UK. They work very hard to not create waste in terms of both fabric and cost, so you will be surprised to see just how affordable their ethically made garments are.


Synergy creates clothing made out of eco-friendly and eco-conscious materials like GOTS certified organic cotton, recycled plastics, and low-impact dyes. On top of this, they prioritize transparency and fair wages to all their seamstresses based in Nepal. On top of this, you are welcome to donate your garments to Synergy, recycling it will give you a 25% off voucher.

Yoga Democracyhttps://yogademocracy.com/

YD is committed to their use of recycled fibres only, and their fabrics are dyed using a waterless transfer process. YD is also incredibly determined to only use suppliers who adhere to their high standards of sustainability in water use and greenhouse gas emissions.



ThredUP is the largest online secondhand fashion boutique in existence, where you can buy as well as sell high-quality, pre-owned clothing. They mostly focus on women and children’s clothing, but it shouldn’t go without saying they do an amazing job of reducing the waste in the world and turning it into potential profit.

Tasc Performancehttps://www.tascperformance.com/

Tasc is exclusively interested in the creation of high-performance clothing, and all of which are created from Bamboo Rayon, organic cotton, and the complete denouncing of uses of plastics. They state that the activewear markets have been conditions to create and proliferation plastic clothing in order to fit in, and Tasc aims to break that conditioning.

Patagonia https://www.patagonia.com/home/

This respected brand has been a leader in sustainability for the past four decades, carrying a wide array of apparel for both men as well as women. Many of their pieces are made with either fully or partially recycled and fair trade materials, and place a great deal of importance of remaining traceable.

Organic clothing

WAMA Underwearhttps://wamaunderwear.com/

Unlike anything else on our list, WAMA delivers underwear for men and women, made from sustainable, GOTS certified hemp as well as organic cotton. Hemp is a wonderful fibre to use, as its naturally anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, odor-fighting, very soft, and breathable fabric all around. The WAMA teams work in complete transparency with certified factories across China, and they also oversee the production there in order to ensure that ethical manufacturing is without a doubt taking place.

Closing Thoughts

To conclude, we’ve given you an extensive list of companies we feel are doing right by the environment and its people to provide the best quality clothing possible. Every one of these companies has a slew of clothes for all sizes, all genders, and all occasions, now it’s just a matter of time before you find a few pieces that work for you.

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